You’ll find three Swift Lite gliders inside Hanger 3. Each aircraft is built from ultra-modern carbon fibres and weighs a mere 58kgs. This glider is launchable on foot, easily transported and an ideal aircraft for anyone looking to take the next step up from paragliding or hang-gliding.

Andy’s View: “ It was love at first sight when I laid my eyes on this aircraft in the 90´s. The Swift is born from the hang-gliding scene with two key principles – foot-launchable and high performance. The factory is in Belgium, and I’ve been involved with every step of this project in my role as test pilot. Now we have a P-Swift with an engine that makes it fully self-launchable. The design still blows me away, just a single wing that rises in the middle. In terms of aerodynamics this aircraft is faultless and the Swift is an ideal tool to explain to students how wind reacts to a rigid wing. I see the Swift as the logical stepping-stone between paragliding and engine-powered flight. Because of its history, the Swift is also a great way to help a hang-glider pilot progress in their understanding of motorised flight. I still have the first Swift prototype here, and it brings back great memories because it’s the aircraft that I used to gain 2nd Place in the Rigid Wing World Championship in 1996.”